Fire Proof Columns

The FireTrol column is a prefabricated, fireproofed unit consisting of a load-bearing steel column (A) encased in a special proprietary insulating material (B) which is permanently protected by an outer non-load-bearing steel shell (C). FireTrol columns are rated and labeled by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. for fire retardant classifications of 2, 3 and 4 hours. Columns are completely shop fabricated and shipped to the job site ready to erect.


FireTrol prefabricated fireproofed steel columns have unequaled design characteristics – a result of continuous improvements by the company that pioneered the concept over three decades ago.

The prefabricated FireTrol column has become increasingly popular as an alternative to field installed fire protection for a wide variety of structural components. Interesting horizontals and other framing can be fireproofed to match the external appearance of FireTrol columns and enhance the overall architectural continuity in exposed steel designs. The flexibility on integrating the durable steel casing with other structural members is unrivaled and represents one of the latest developments in FireTrol prefabricated fireproofed steel columns


With the expense of field labor increasing constantly, the prefabrication option becomes more attractive to cost conscious design professionals. Substitution of lower shop labor rates for costly field trades provides critical value engineering essentials to maintaining structural steel's competitiveness with other construction materials. Predictable erection scheduling also minimizes expensive crane time.

Significant Cost Saving Aspects of FireTrol Include:

  • Variable Quality Control Common With Field-Fireproofing Is Eliminated.
  • No Field Enclosure Or Heating Is Required Prior To Fire Proofing.
  • Inclement Weather Delays Are Eliminated.
  • No Waiting Time For Forms To Be Erected Or Wallboard To Be Installed.
  • Erection Costs Are Not Affected.
  • Steel Shell Provides Extra Protection From Impact Damage And Are Inexpensive To Maintain.